Immigration vs Naturalization

The Difference Between Immigration and Naturalization

On first glance, the difference between immigration and naturalization isn’t completely clear. In fact, in some points of view, both processes and labels can be viewed as very similar indeed. However, there is one very important distinction to make. For just plain old immigration, the process involves an individual moving to a new notional country, and either living or working there. However, an immigrant isn’t necessarily a citizen of the country they moved to, and in order to do so they must go through a process known as naturalization.

Start with Immigration

Unless an individual is lucky enough to become automatically naturalized in the nation that they choose they would they wish to be a member of, they firstly must emigrate there. As an example, if a person wishes to immigrate into the United States, they must pass through a series of checks and applications before they are accepted. In many cases, immigrants aren’t accepted at all into different countries nations, however those that do may be given access to a working permit, or be given the right to live in the country.

Once an immigration application has been successfully processed, and the individual is successfully living inside of the country nation that they choose to live in, they may wish to investigate the process of naturalization. After all, if an individual remains in immigrant in the country that they are living in, there may be a certain time in which they have to return back to the country that they have original citizenship with. This is due to the fact that in many governments, immigration, its basic form, is seen as a temporary solution to a lifestyle change for individual persons.

Applying for Naturalization

Even though immigration in itself can be seen as a difficult process, the resultant process of immigration and naturalization, for many people, the scene is an even more difficult steppingstone. In fact, in many cases, naturalization is almost impossible for an individual to carry out. This is due to the fact that many naturalization procedures require the individual seeking naturalization to either have some kind of relation to the country itself, or to have developed a working lifestyle in the country.

It may certainly be possible for an individual to successfully immigrate into a new nation, and therefore work and live in such country, and even obtain a permanent tenant residence permit for that country. However, they may never become citizens of the country, not only due to the fact that they were not born there originally, but also due to the fact that they have no specific types of the country, and therefore the governance of that country has no need for them to become citizens.

Streamline the Process

The many people, streamlining the process of their immigration, and resultant naturalization, can be very difficult indeed. It is therefore advisable for them to seek the advice of professionals, legal or otherwise, in the field of immigration itself. Acquiring accurate information, usually official, is not only helpful, but also paramount in the search for a transition into a new nation via immigration.

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